A lot of people ask the same questions, which are very valid and are things you do need to know before booking, so hopefully the following will answer some of your questions my son.

Can I drive the van myself?
Sorry this is not possible for a great number of reasons - firstly the vans are very old and take a lot of getting used to as they have different controls and the way they have to be handled. Also our insurance doesn't cover us for other drivers, we don't even let Grandad and Uncle Albert drive the van, it just helps us to keep the costs down as much as possible, these vans are extremely rare and the cost would be too vast.

How many people can travel in the van?
My van can seat 3 passengers, one in the front which is normally my younger brother Rodney and 2 in the back, I gave Mickey Pearce and Trigger a lift back from the Nags Head only last week.

How do I book your Trotter Van?
Please book as early as possible, as there is only one van we have, we are particularly busy during the wedding months of late spring, summer and early autumn and around all the bank holidays. When you have provisionally booked the van hire, you will need to pay a non refundable deposit which will be 50% of the job or £200 of your total booking cost, payment is by cheque or paypal.

What will you be wearing on the day?
Please note I am no where near a Delboy look a like, infact I look more like Rodney than Delboy, I will be dressed as Delboy with sheepskin coat and flat cap or in a normal suit if you prefer.

Can I pay by credit / Debit Card?
Yes please just click on the paypal icon below to pay fast and securely.

If you have any more questions contact us here to get them answered